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WJC Update

With a couple of races at WJC/U23s under our belts, let’s check in with how some nations are doing compared to previous years. Some obvious trends include Finland: Their junior women have continued to do worse in the distance events, but have improved in the sprint. For the Russians, it’s largely been more of the […]

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WJC Preview

World Junior Championships are just around the corner, so for some perspective, let’s take a look at how various nations have done at this even historically. I’m not going to provide much commentary, just show each nation’s history. First up the US: Not ideal trends, I think, across the board. But junior championships can be […]

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WJC & U23 Updates – North Americans

I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment, so not much commentary on these. They are just the updated versions of the graphs I showed on Wednesday, giving some historical context for the results at WJC & U23’s for the US and Canada. WJC – USA WJC – CAN

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WJC & U23 Sprints

World Junior/U23s are underway, of course, in the exotic locale of Turkey. Monday wasn’t a spectacular day for the North Americans in the WJC freestyle sprint. For some quick context, here’s a look at the historical results in each discipline for the US: I’m just using finishing place here, rather than FIS points, since I […]

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Top Female Juniors

Once again, I use the term junior a little lightly. That’s especially true for the women, since it’s a bit more likely to see younger women establish themselves on the WC scene. So some of these names aren’t really “up and comers” anymore, but they are still quite young. As before, we’re using FIS points, […]

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Top Male Juniors

I use the term ‘Junior’ fairly loosely here. Mainly I’m referring to folks who are young enough to be at the very start of their (hopefully long) career. I basically just grabbed the names of the skiers with some of the best FIS points results last season who are no older than ~23 (although that’s […]

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Should Jessie Diggins Be On The A-Team?

No, not that A-Team, although that’s an amusing idea. I saw some discussion in the comments over at FasterSkier about whether Jessie Diggins ought to have been named to the US A Team rather than the B Team. Let’s be clear up front that this isn’t the sort of question you can answer by just […]

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