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WJC/U23 Preview: International (con’t)

As before, we can also look at how the results at WJCs and U23s for different nations match up with each athlete’s future performance in major international competitions. These graphs are constructed in the same manner. For each athlete in the graph I scored their future results in all OWG, WSC, WC or TDS races using standard WC points (100, 80, etc.) and then made the size of the dots correspond to the square root of the value. Taking the square root helps make the scale more compact, otherwise you have a few athletes (i.e. Björgen, Elofsson) with huge values and it becomes hard to distinguish everyone else.

These are the fancy SVGs again, with mouse over text, which may not work in all browsers. Try switching to Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you have problems. Also, be aware that there being a lot more points, many of them overlapping, not all of the mouse over texts are working quite well. This is a work in progress.

First up are the WJCs distance and sprint results (with vanilla png versions here and here):

I think what’s interesting to look at with these graphs is the variation in when strong results at WJCs or U23s translate into occasional or regular top thirty performances in major international competitions.

And finally the same for U23s (and the plain png versions here and here):


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