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Gällivare: Wrap-Up

Continuing on with some notes about the World Cup opener in Gällivare last weekend. It’s always the case in a season opener that much will be made of a handful of people who had unexpectedly good or bad races. Usually, this is an overreaction. But let’s play that game anyway and look at two skiers […]

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Lahti Sprint Recap

The return of Emil Jönsson:

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Poland Sprints Recap

As always, thanks to Jan at for the heat time data… I’m beginning to get a feel for the relationship between heat times and sprint courses. It’s hard, cause I’m not actually there skiing on the courses, so I do the best I can reading about them. But it seems this course was pretty […]

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Moscow Sprints Recap

What a weekend for North America! It has to be said, so I”ll get it out of the way right at the top: the turn the World Cup takes through Russia is generally not fully attended and this year was the same, although perhaps not as dramatically as before. But there were plenty of notable […]

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Otepää Sprint Recap

I think I’ve been remiss in mentioning this, but as always thanks go to Jan at for helping to provide the heat times for these sprint races. Let’s see how the men’s finalists fared first: There were apparently some crashes in this race, as evidenced by the outlying slow times. But in general I’m […]

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Milan Sprint Recap

The weekend after the Tour finishes will have smaller fields, and this was no different. Still, The Americans will take the results regardless of who else shows up. Here’s how the women’s finalists progressed during the day: Flat courses will tend to produce times like this, where the qualification round is quite fast, and then […]

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Tour de Ski Recap

I didn’t do nearly as much writing about the Tour as I would have liked, but here are some graphs summarizing the way things shook out. Men Here’s a bird’s eye view of the men’s Tour, measured using seconds behind the median skier: These sorts of bump charts are nice, as they can allow you […]

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