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Gällivare: Wrap-Up

Continuing on with some notes about the World Cup opener in Gällivare last weekend. It’s always the case in a season opener that much will be made of a handful of people who had unexpectedly good or bad races. Usually, this is an overreaction. But let’s play that game anyway and look at two skiers […]

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Gällivare: US Women

Not much to say, really, about the US women this past weekend. The relays aren’t really something I tackle from a data perspective, so I’ll just focus on the distance results form Saturday. It was a strong day, that sounds like it could have been stronger for the US women, absent some falls. I went […]

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Race Snapshot: Gällivare 10/15k Freestyle

Needless to say, a strong day for the US women. In general, this race was a bit unusual, in that the conditions appeared to be extremely fast, which resulted in a much, much tighter race than is typical in an interval start format on the World Cup.

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