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Poland Sprints Recap

As always, thanks to Jan at for the heat time data…

I’m beginning to get a feel for the relationship between heat times and sprint courses. It’s hard, cause I’m not actually there skiing on the courses, so I do the best I can reading about them. But it seems this course was pretty fast and mostly flat until the very end. That led me to guess that we’d see fast qualifying times, and then the heats would get progressively slower as folks get more tactical. Sure enough, the men’s finals:

Fast qualification, slower quarterfinals. Then one semifinal was quite fast, the other was slower, and the final was back to the quarterfinal pace. The men’s first semi really was considerably faster, as well:

As for the women’s finalists:

Once again, same exact pattern! Fast qualification, slower quarterfinal. Then an obvious split in speeds between the two semifinals. And again a significant difference between the two semifinals:

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