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Performance Trends: ITA, FIN, GER

I made a graph a while back for a post dealing with the concern in Norway about their men’s distance squad, and in a follow-up post I provided a version of the same graph for the Swedish and Russian men’s distance teams as well. I’ve decided that I kind of like this graph; it’s a […]

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WJC/U23 Assessment: Finland, Germany and Sweden

Ok, this will be my last post on WJC/U23s, I promise! As we did before with the US and Canada, and then Norway and Russia, these graphs are simply displaying each WJC or U23 result for each nation (in finishing place, not FIS points) with the median tracked in red. As usual, I’ll keep my […]

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A Couple Of Finns Skiing Fast

Those Finns are Matti Heikkinen and Krista Lahteenmaki, of course, and I’m mostly referring to distance races: I actually made this graph prior to today’s race, so keep that in mind. Simply using finishing rank for each athlete paints an interesting picture. ┬áThe first thing I want to note is that Heikkinen’s results this year […]

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