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WJC/U23 Assessment: Finland, Germany and Sweden

Ok, this will be my last post on WJC/U23s, I promise! As we did before with the US and Canada, and then Norway and Russia, these graphs are simply displaying each WJC or U23 result for each nation (in finishing place, not FIS points) with the median tracked in red. As usual, I’ll keep my commentary to a minimum, except to remind you to be aware of situations where there isn’t much data (e.g. U23 sprinting events).

Here I notice the general improvement by the men’s distance racers over the last two seasons and that the women’s sprint results have recently included one quite fast skier and then several others who aren’t quite so fast.

A bit of a drop off for the Swedish women in distance events this year, but a modest improvement on the men’s side.

The drop off in the Finnish men’s distance results is notable, as is the steady improvement in the women’s distance results.

The German junior women have been getting better in distance events, while the men have roughly been holding steady.

Overall, a sizable improvement in the women’s distance events for the Swedes over last year, but not so good for the men, in either distance or sprinting.


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