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Missed Medals

Missed Medals A reader asked on Twitter the other day if I’d recalculate the tallies for Kris Freeman’s top ten, top three, etc. results if we went back and removed a certain Estonian skier from prior results sheets. I’m going to preface this with some standard caveats about how I can’t know for sure when […]

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The Veerpalu Saga Ends (For Now)

With the recent news that Andrus Veerpalu’s doping suspension has been made official, a sad story sort of ends. I’m always glad to see doping rules enforced, but it’s also not the way I want to hear about my favorite sport in the news. Over the years, Veerpalu has raced against many people: Name Number […]

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Revisiting The Mysteries Of Andrus Veerpalu

With somewhat cryptic reports appearing that Andrus Veerpalu failed a drug test back in January (he retired just before World Championships this year), it’s probably a good idea to revisit my old post on the subject. In that post I considered the conventional wisdom about Veerpalu that he had an uncanny ability to pop outstanding […]

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The Mysteries of Andrus Veerpalu

Update: In light of recent events (as of Apr 2011) a lot of people have been visiting this post, so I thought I’d point out that I’ve updated it with a slightly more focused look at Veerpalu’s record here. To mark last weekend’s World Cup races in Estonia, I thought a post on Andrus Veerpalu […]

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