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Seward’s Mt. Marathon Winning Times

Today is the 4th of July, which is also the day of a uniquely Alaskan running race, the Mt. Marathon. The name is slightly misleading, as it is not, in fact, a marathon. But while it’s only ~3 miles long, the course runs up ~3000ft in 1.5 miles and then you turn around and go […]

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Best (Most Extreme) WC Performances

Yesterday’s post sparked a little bit of discussion about how to measure the “best” performances. That wasn’t what I really intended, I was just trying to give a sense for some of the most extreme performances, relative to the median skier. No matter what you do, events will conspire to put some “weird” races on […]

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All Time Best Performances

As measured by standardized percent back from the median skier, anyway. I mentioned in my recap from the other day that Matti Heikkinen’s race was one of the best ever, in terms of how far he out-paced the field. I actually got the count slightly wrong, since I was counting visually on my computer screen, […]

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How Many WC Victories Does Björgen Really Have?

How embarrassing is it for our sport that no one seems to be able to reliably count the number of World Cup victories of our best athletes? Here’s the deal.  Marit Björgen has attracted some attention lately for the number of total WC victories to her name, which is generally thought to be at least […]

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