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Top 10 Qualification vs. Making The Final

This is a follow-up post to an earlier entry where I noted an off-hand comment by US coach Chris Grover that when Kikkan Randall qualifies in the top ten in a sprint race, that this is a good sign that she has a good chance of making it to the finals. I looked at some […]

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Andrew Newell: Qualification vs Heats Part Deux

Yesterday I posted some data looking at a popular hobby horse within the US skiing community: Andrew Newell’s alleged tendency to ski really fast in the qualification round and then not advance far (or not far enough) in the heats. Last night a friend emailed me to let me know that I kind of screwed […]

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Andrew Newell: Qualifying vs. Heats

Update: I kind of messed this post up a bit.  It does change the picture somewhat, so see below for edits. There are several topics in North American XC skiing that are fairly predictable.  One of those is that anytime Andrew Newell posts a blazing fast qualifying time but fails to advance to the finals […]

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