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Lies, Damn Lies, and…Torin Koos?

Ok, so I lied in the title. This post has almost nothing to do with Torin Koos. The whole reason I started this blog (or, at least, one of them) was that it seemed to me that folks in the XC skiing world had all sorts of weird beliefs about their sport that ought to […]

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Men’s Sprint Heats Tend To Be More Tactical

I’ve mentioned this from time to time in other posts, but one thing I’ve noticed from the sprint heat times that Jan at has been providing me is that the women’s heats are more likely to increase in speed as the day progresses. I’ve said it enough that I should probably provide some evidence: […]

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Andrew Newell Sprint Qualification Redux

So there was this post a while back where I looked at the oft repeated CW that Andrew Newell tends to qualify rather fast and then slip back a bit in the heats.  My goal was just to see whether and to what degree this actually happens.  It turns out that my attempt to tackle […]

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Recap: Davos Sprint Con’t

One of the interesting things we can look at with sprint races is differences between the various heats themselves, rather than individual skiers.  Interestingly, reconstructing this information, namely who was in what quarterfinal or semifinal, using just the split times took a little bit of thought.  Not a monumental challenge, but it was a bit […]

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Andrew Newell: Qualification vs Heats Part Deux

Yesterday I posted some data looking at a popular hobby horse within the US skiing community: Andrew Newell’s alleged tendency to ski really fast in the qualification round and then not advance far (or not far enough) in the heats. Last night a friend emailed me to let me know that I kind of screwed […]

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