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Sprint Length (By Time)

By request, we’re looking at how the length of World Cup sprints has changed over time. Specifically, since the length in time of the effort is really more meaningful than the length of the course in terms of distance, that’s what we’ll consider. So the following graph shows the average of the top five qualification […]

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Men’s Sprint Heats Tend To Be More Tactical

I’ve mentioned this from time to time in other posts, but one thing I’ve noticed from the sprint heat times that Jan at has been providing me is that the women’s heats are more likely to increase in speed as the day progresses. I’ve said it enough that I should probably provide some evidence: […]

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How Old Are World Cup Skiers?

Sometimes it’s a good thing to ask basic questions that everyone thinks they know the answer to.  Sometimes you get surprising answers, sometimes not. So, how old are World Cup skiers? In general, World Cup skier ages tend to center around 25-26.  These distributions all have a slight right skew, which just means there tend […]

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Is It Panic Time For The Norwegian Men’s Distance Skiers?

There’s been some commentary over the last several years remarking that the Norwegian men, usually quite dominant, have been struggling to crush their competitors into tiny little pieces.  From the perspective of US skiing fans that might seem absurd, but for better or for worse, Norway has exceedingly high expectations. It occurred to me, though, […]

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Trends In US Skiing Performance: Sprint

[Note: This article first appeared here.] Welcome back for the second half of my article looking at trends in performance by US skiers (as a group) on the international scene.  Last time we looked at distance events, so now it’s time to turn to sprinting.  Before we move on, if you haven’t read the first […]

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Trends In US Skiing Performance: Distance

[Note: This article first appeared here.] An endearing facet of cross country ski racing is the seasonal rhythm it introduces into our lives.  Summer, fall and winter each hold unique rituals and landmarks of training, racing and recovery.  Spring brings with it its own rituals, among them retrospection on the season just completed.  Athletes around […]

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