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Race Snapshot: IBU World Cup 1 Women

Can’t leave out the poor biathletes, now can we?  Biathlon doesn’t have a point system like FIS points, so these will all be using raw percent back.  If you’re familiar with these sorts of measures, you’ll notice that percent backs in biathlon are frequently quite a bit higher.

For a variety of reasons, it’s harder for me to stay on top of women’s name changes due to marriage with the biathlon crowd.  If you spot a mistake (i.e. a skier who’s name has recently changed and my graph seems to show that they have done almost no previous races), let me know.

I struggled with how to incorporate the athlete’s shooting results from that day into the graph.  I tried all sorts of visual elements that just didn’t work well.  So I opted for the very simple route of putting the total number of misses right on the graph, over to the right.  Not very elegant, maybe, but simple and easy to understand.  As always, reduced version first (top 30 plus North Americans) and the full version is below the fold.


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