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Moosilauke – Full History

After correcting a few typos in the the “official” results I thought we’d look again at the time histories for Dartmouth’s Moosilauke time trial. The following graph depicts every result (except for 2011, which I still can’t find anywhere). The blue is the median for each individual running; this includes both summer and fall times. […]

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Moosilauke Time Trial – Fall 2012

As FasterSkier mentioned the other day, the Dartmouth Ski Team’s Moosilauke time trial is a pretty neat data set, since they’ve kept the data going back quite a ways. Interpretations are sometimes a challenge, since the course has changed from time to time when trail work is done. My sources tell me that in addition […]

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How long will Freeman and Randall remain on top?

Kris Freeman and Kikkan Randall have been basically the top US skiers for quite some time now. (I’m sort of brushing Andrew Newell under the rug here, mostly just due to time contraints. I’ll do a follow up on him next week.) Freeman has been more or less unquestionably the best US male distance skier […]

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Climb To The Castle – Women

Same story as last time, only the women this time. Kikkan Randall may have made a better benchmark, but Liz Stephen is no slouch in WC distance events either. As before, all of this is highly approximate. I’ve taken Stephen’s races from last season, removed some of the least comparable (prologue’s for example), and then calculated where […]

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Climb To The Castle – Men

This annual rollerski race was this past weekend, and as usual attracted a fair number of good domestic skiers. With the US Ski Team attending, it’s a good chance for folks to test themselves against folks like Kris Freeman. As with any other race, it’s natural to ask what the results “mean”. There are no […]

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US Domestic Racing Update 2

Continuing on from yesterday as promised, we have two rather large graphs showing the head-to-head results of some top US skiers on the domestic scene.  These graphs are, well, big and to be honest I’m not particularly proud of them.  I’ve been struggling with how to display the head-to-head results from a large number of […]

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US Domestic Racing Update 1

I haven’t posted very much regarding domestic racing here in the US or Canada.  There are several reasons for this: Useful and meaningful performance measures are harder to come by.  FIS points start getting somewhat wishy-washy when you start having to assume that the penalty system is accurately capturing the strength of the field.  Not […]

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