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Most Unimproved: Women’s Distance

Last of the distance events, this time the women who stumbled the most this season compared to last:



As always, I’m graphing only one of the several metrics that are blended together to select these skiers. In particular, note that Anna Haag doesn’t look like she belongs on this list. However, several of her other metric declined somewhat. There are a few other marginal cases here, probably Hanna Kolb and Vibeke Skofterud and maybe Laurien Van der Graaff (due to small sample size).

Marthe Kristoffersen clearly must have had injury or illness issues, although I wasn’t following her closely so I can’t say for sure.

In Stefanie Boehler’s case it looks sort of like there’s been a steady decline for several years, but last season she managed a bit of a resurgence suddenly.

Oxana Jatskaja and Elena Kolomina are probably the two most dramatic cases in this bunch.

I expected Jessie Diggins to make this list all the way back at the end of last season. After a superb first season on the World Cup, there was very little chance that she’d actually outperform herself on average, particularly with more starts on her schedule.

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