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The Hot Hand (con’t)

In a previous post I raised the question of whether biathletes might be more likely to shoot clean (i.e. hit all five targets) if they have just shot clean at their most recent trip through the shooting range. I left off with some numbers that suggested this was the case, but they were aggregated over […]

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The Hot Hand

The concept of a “hot hand” is a popular one in various sports, and has been variously bunked, debunked and rebunked in numerous contexts.  A common manifestation of this idea comes from basketball, where fans routinely feel that players will get “hot” during a stretch of a game during which they make a much higher […]

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WBC North American Assessment

So how did the North Americans do at World Biathlon Championships this year? There definitely some strong results, but here’s some context: These are the Canadian and American biathlon performances at WBCs and OWGs measured by standardized percent behind the median skier. The blue line tracks the median over time. The Canadian men had some […]

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Progress In Women’s Biathlon Shooting

A commenter yesterday noted that the TV coverage of yesterday’s women’s WBC race noted that the women’s shooting has been improving over the last decade or so, and wondered if we could make a graph to go along with that observation. Looking at only World Cup, World Championship and Olympic races, here’s the shooting statistics […]

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New Biathlon Individual Graphs

Biathlon’s cool in part because there’s so much more data to play with. One seemingly minor thing I’ve been struggling with is how best to graph an athlete’s overall race results and their shooting statistics on the same graph. The obvious answer of just overlaying them and including a second y axis (since shooting accuracy […]

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Biathlon Briefs: Lowell Bailey and Laura Spector

It’s always nice to see my countrymen (and women) skiing fast, so it’s been fun to see Lowell Bailey and Laura Spector posting some good results on the IBU World Cup scene over the past several weeks. Let’s just check in and see how these results compare to their past: These are only “major” races […]

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Athlete Profile: Tim Burke

I just finished reading a great article checking in with US biathlete Tim Burke as he gears up again for next season.  I was vaguely aware that Burke had a great season last year but a disappointing Olympics, but I don’t follow biathlon as closely as cross country.  So I thought I’d check some data […]

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