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Men’s Biathlon & Chandra Crawford

Men’s Biathlon The US men’s biathlon team had an auspicious start to the season. Lowell Bailey in particular skied some of the best races of his life. Let’s focus on the following three North Americans (click for larger version): Obviously, the shooting statistics for this season are based on only this past weekend’s racing, so […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC 8 Men/Women’s Pursuit

What a crazy story for Lowell Bailey today! Too bad, hopefully he can channel the frustration into skiing fast next time around.

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Biathlon Briefs: Lowell Bailey and Laura Spector

It’s always nice to see my countrymen (and women) skiing fast, so it’s been fun to see Lowell Bailey and Laura Spector posting some good results on the IBU World Cup scene over the past several weeks. Let’s just check in and see how these results compare to their past: These are only “major” races […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC 6 Men’s Sprint

Hmmm. I might have to write a post on Lowell Bailey next week.

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Mid-Season Review: USA Biathlon

I’m squeaking this in just as the biathlon circuit gets going again.  This will be a really quick post just recapping how the US has done on the WC circuit so far this season.  I’m not even going to cover everyone that’s had a WC start, just the “major players” so far. First up a […]

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US Biathlon Preview: Men

My previews for the US biathlon teams will be briefer, which reflects the fact that I know less about the US biathlon team, and biathlon in general.  Feel free to correct me in the comments if I get anything horribly wrong.  For example, I’m going to take a very simplistic approach to who’s actually on […]

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