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Mid-Season Review: USA Biathlon

I’m squeaking this in just as the biathlon circuit gets going again.  This will be a really quick post just recapping how the US has done on the WC circuit so far this season.  I’m not even going to cover everyone that’s had a WC start, just the “major players” so far. First up a […]

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Mid-Season Review: North American Sprint

Continuing on from my last post on North American distance skiers, let’s jump right in with the sprinters, starting with the men: No fancy metrics here, just what place people finished in.  Once again, red is this season, blue is last year’s Olympics.  Alex Harvey’s sprint race in Kuusamo was unusually good for him.  Simi […]

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Mid-Season Recap: North American Distance

With the first period of WC racing in the books and the next one just around the corner, I’m going to look back at the results of the North American skiers so far this season.  The theme of this post is context and expectations. One of the reasons that I started this blog was that […]

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