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Race Snapshot: WBC Mass Start

Looks like it was some tough shooting, particularly for the women’s race. The percent back values look a little odd, even for a mass start race.

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Some Impressive Performances At WBC

It’s really some of the women’s performances that I want to call attention to, but let’s start with the men’s 20k individual race from the other day. Here’s the top five (click through for full version): Another impressive race from the youngster Tarjei Bø. But as you’ll note, not a wildly dominant race when measured […]

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Race Snapshot: WBC Women’s 15km

Looks like shooting was a big factor today in Helena Ekholm just crushing the field. She shot clean, and it looks like a lot of others had a few misses. This is one of those races where percent behind the leader is rather misleading. For instance, Sara Studebaker probably had a very good race in […]

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WBC Women’s Pursuit

Again, not much commentary with these, just showing the results in some context. Starting with the top skiers: And the lone American:

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Race Snapshot: WBC Men’s 20k Individual

Awesome race from Leif Nordgren, and an ok one from Tim Burke.  The host country got a surprise performance it seems from Maxim Maksimov.

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WBC Men’s Pursuit

Not much commentary on this one, just the graphs for the top skiers and the Americans. First the leaders: I don’t have much to add here except that Arnd Peiffer is having an excellent World Championships so far. As for the Americans: Nothing spectacular, I suppose, but not terrible.

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WBC Women’s Sprint Recap

The women’s sprint race on Saturday didn’t see quite as many unusual faces at the top: Overall, Magdalena Neuner appears to have slipped a bit this season, but she put in an excellent performance on this day. Kaisa Mäkäräinen has really made a jump this year, both in her overall performance level and her shooting. […]

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