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Race Snapshot: Women’s 30km Freestyle

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Race Snapshot: Men’s 50km Freestyle

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Race Snapshot: WSC Men’s 50km Classic

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Race Snapshot: Women’s 30km Classic Mass Start

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The Difference Between Mass Start And Interval Start Races In One Graph

Thanks to some help from Jan at, I’ve been slowly gathering the split time data for World Cup races from this season. Analyzing them is tricky, though, for a variety of reasons. First, the data quality is poor. There are numerous instances where the live timing data is obviously wrong in a way that […]

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Race Snapshot: WBC Mass Start

Looks like it was some tough shooting, particularly for the women’s race. The percent back values look a little odd, even for a mass start race.

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WSC Women’s 30k Recap

Finally, someone manages to beat Marit Bjørgen. If I’d had to pick who was most likely to pull it off, I actually would have bet on either Justyna Kowalczyk or Therese Johaug. Kowlaczyk is probably the consensus choice, but based on some of the commentary I’ve read so far, I feel like I’m less surprised […]

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