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Greatest Race Ever?

So the title probably gives this away, but bear with me. Consider a skier with the following distance results profile in major competitions: So by the end of the 2011-2012 season this guy has just turned 31. As you can see, he’s had quite a solid career. Things were good but fairly steady from 2004 […]

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Race Snapshot: WSC Men’s 50km Classic

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Race Snapshot: Women’s 30km Classic Mass Start

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An Unusual 15km Freestyle

Yesterday’s men’s 15km freestyle interval start race featured one of the most split fields we’ve seen in that event in a long time. The top three, Northug, Olsson and Gjerdalen had modest gaps between them, but then there was just over 30 seconds back to 4th place. How big was this gap between the podium […]

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Race Snapshot: WSC Men 15km Freestyle

Nice races from Ivan Babikov and Noah Hoffman:

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Race Snapshot: WSC 10k Freestyle

Just the women’s race today, men tomorrow:

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WSC 30/50km Mass Start Seeding

Just as with the previous seeding tables I’ve produced, here’s one for the upcoming WSC mass start. Again, this ignores issues of who might actually start the race (e.g. Astrid Jacobsen makes my list here) and some folks who may only have done a small number of races will be excluded. [table id=86 /] To […]

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