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WSC 30/50km Mass Start Seeding

Just as with the previous seeding tables I’ve produced, here’s one for the upcoming WSC mass start. Again, this ignores issues of who might actually start the race (e.g. Astrid Jacobsen makes my list here) and some folks who may only have done a small number of races will be excluded. [table id=86 /] To […]

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Davos Seeding

I posted these a while back, but since the Davos races are just around the corner, I thought I’d put them up again so we can see just how wrong I am! Basically, I came up with a way to try to develop a somewhat more sophisticated “seeding” that takes into account the specific event […]

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Davos Classic Sprint Field Handicap

I got some positive feedback about my tentative handicapping of the field for one of the WSC events, so I thought I’d sink some more time in it. I went back and changed the modeling technique rather dramatically to make it more flexible (and hopefully more accurate). But the basic idea is the same. In […]

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