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Greatest Race Ever?

So the title probably gives this away, but bear with me. Consider a skier with the following distance results profile in major competitions:


So by the end of the 2011-2012 season this guy has just turned 31. As you can see, he’s had quite a solid career. Things were good but fairly steady from 2004 to 2008. Then there’s an obvious peak in 2008-2009. Things tailed off slightly the following year, and then more significantly the year after that. Even so he never really dropped below his “baseline” level of performance from that 2004-2008 period. What does he follow this up with?



2011-2012 is by far his best season yet, essentially at age 32. Now, I’m by now means saying that once you turn 30 you’re doomed. But it is actually just more rare for people to improve dramatically at later ages. Not impossible. But certainly unusual.

And then, of course, he treats us to a stupendous performance in the 50k at World Champs.

Don’t quit, Johan Olsson! I want to keep watching you race for another few seasons.

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