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Revisiting Bjoergen vs Skari vs Vaelbe

Sorry for my recent absence. Never fear, I haven’t abandoned this project, but things may be a bit more sparse than usual over the summer. Feel free to drop me a line with question or ideas for posts, though, as that will be good motivation for me.

In that vein, a reader asked me to revisit a post I did quite a while ago comparing Bjoergen, Skari and Vaelbe. As before, we need to note that I really only have data on the later years of Vaelbe’s career. But here’s what I have (click for larger version):



The 2010-2011 season is looking more and more like a bit of an outlier for Bjoergen, but she’s still maintaining a somewhat better median performance than Vaelbe did later in her career. Skari is probably roughly on par with Bjoergen, though Bjoergen has had considerably fewer “bad” races of late.

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