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I’ve somehow managed to amass a fairly impressive database of international skiing results (what can I say, I really like data) and cross-country skiing has been a huge part of my life.  I wrote a few articles1 for FasterSkier.com this spring exploring some of this data and I was excited that at least a few people seemed to enjoy them.  More importantly, though, I had a ton of fun writing them.

I had so much fun, in fact, that I’m going to keep exploring the data here.

Things are just getting off the ground, website-wise, so I apologize if things look a little rough around the edges.  Like everything else on the web, it is a work in progress.

As for content, we’ll just have to see what happens.  A lot of the stuff I plan on writing about isn’t nearly as “serious” as the articles I wrote for FasterSkier.com, but of course some things will be more along those lines.  But trust me, I have plenty of ideas for topics!  My goal is to post something new at least several times a week, even during the summer, a decidedly slow time for skiing news.

So have a look around as we get up and running.  Please be sure to check back in for updates and/or subscribe to my RSS feed.

Finally, a special request: if you happen to have results for World Cup, Olympic or World Championship races from the 1990-1991 seasons or prior, I’d love to hear from you.  What I’m looking for are complete results including times.  If you’re willing to share them, I’d be grateful.  Paper or electronic media of (nearly) any format is fine.  You can email me at statisticalskier at gmail dot com.

  1. I’ve reposted them in the preceding posts.

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4 Responses to “Welcome!”
  1. John Chandler-Pepelnjak says:

    Awesome, I’m excited for this.


    P.S. As someone who is going to be reading as much for the statistics as the skiing, I’d suggest an early post with “ski racing 101”. Basic definitions and whatnot.

    • Joran says:

      Thanks John! The ski racing 101 post is a good idea. It’s easy to remember to explain stats stuff, but I tend to assume a fair bit of familiarity with ski racing.

      • John Chandler-Pepelnjak says:

        I think you’re probably right to assume lots of skiing familarity. And it pains me for you to have to pepper your posts with parenthetical asides mentioning how skiing requires skis and how skis require wax. :-) I’m now dialed into the FIS thing, and although I didn’t know skate skiing was called freestyle when you made your last post, I know it now. Anyway, you can always just assume the high level and I’ll try to comment when I’m confused. Then you can answer in the comments and your ski-racing 101 FAQ will (half-)write itself.

        • Joran says:

          Believe me, peppering my posts (or writing of any type) with parentheticals (or footnotes) is far from painful for me. Quite the opposite actually. But it usually ends up being painful for readers. In any case, here’s a bare bones glossary for you in case you get lost:

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