Race Snapshot: TdS Final Climb

If there were a race on the WC circuit so unlike any other that meaningful comparisons to past performance are rendered moot, this would be it.  But, you know, the skiers get FIS points for this race, so we might as well see what we can see.  Due to the unusual nature of the race, I’ve opted to adjust the FIS points once again (so these FIS points won’t match up with the official version).  This is a debatable decision, as this wasn’t strictly a mass start race, but there you have it.  Also, since the fields have dwindled down to nearly 30 on both sides, there are only the full versions.

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3 Responses to “Race Snapshot: TdS Final Climb”
  1. What a race by Johaug! According to your illustration there aren’t many FIS-points to be gained for Kristoffersen and the ones behind her!? Kristoffersen’s race seems to we well below her average – or is it your adjusted FIS-points which make this effect? The only other skier with an “OK” race here is Elden…

    • Joran says:

      That’s right. In this case, my adjustment actually lowered the points (slightly) for the bottom half/third of the field, but left everything else relatively unchanged. Races like these are simply a situation where measuring performance based on % behind the winner can have drawbacks. It’s telling us the truth, namely that Johaug crushed everyone, but it does that by inflating everyone else’s points, rather than by lowering Johaug’s. Percent behind the median skier doesn’t have this flaw, as the winner in that case can ski away from the field as far as she wants and it will only effect her points, rather than everyone else’s. Percent behind the leader has a hard lower bound of 0, whereas with % behind the median skier, people can have performances arbitrarily better (or worse) than the field and have it only reflected in the their points. For this reason (and some others) I’m considering switching over to a custom point system based on % behind the median skier for everything next season.


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