Tour de Ski: Comparison To 2010

An excellent suggestion from the comments was to redo the graphs by nation, but overlay them on top of the same data from last year’s Tour for comparison.

Easily done!  I’ve pruned back the nations plotted even further to focus more heavily on the big guns, and it also enhances readability.  Also, keep in mind that the races from the equivalent stages from last year’s Tour were not all the same format as this year, I believe (Stage 4 was the second sprint last year).  As before, click through for full versions:

Tour de Ski men 2010 vs 2011 through Stage 4.

Tour de Ski women 2010 vs 2011 through Stage 4.


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One Response to “Tour de Ski: Comparison To 2010”
  1. WorldofXC says:

    Thanks, that’s excellent! Very interesting to see how some of the nations are doing a lot better/worse collectively than last year. But most interesting it is to look at the top athletes (Kowalczyk, Majdic etc.). Might be interesting to make a similar one but only for e.g. the top 10. And for 2010 include the curves all the way to the end of the tour (to see what to expect in the reminder of the tour based on last years results). And in addition to make it a better fit, I guess you’d might consider to condense race 3+4 into one race in order to get the same number of races I guess:)

    Keep up the good work!

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