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Week In Review: Friday Oct 29th

You may have noticed some changes in these parts of the Interwebs over the last few days.  Firstly, Statistical Skier has an awesome new logo, designed by my good friend (and very talented in all things web-related) Cosmo.  He also happens to be responsible for the best professional cycling blog in existence.

If you landed here using Internet Explorer, there’s a good chance the site doesn’t look quite right.  Specifically, you might be wondering what logo I’m talking about.  I suspect that some of the CSS used in the site’s changes isn’t supported by IE[1. It’s tough for me to check myself, since I’m on a Mac.].  Some Googling tells me that upgrading to IE 9 Beta might possibly fix things.  But honestly, you really shouldn’t be using IE anymore anyway.  Try Chrome or Firefox for a few weeks and you’ll never go back, believe me.[2. To those of you navigating here on IE 6, I seriously hope that’s a work computer!  For shame! ;)]  Tinkering with the site will continue, so IE issues may be resolved at some point, but until then you’re better off just switching browsers, if you care about everything looking all pretty and stuff.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, I’ve decided to split Statistical Skier related tweeting over to a separate account.  You can still follow me, personally, at the old account, but if you don’t want to hear about the random goings-on of my day to day life, stick to @statskier.  Also, for those of you more into social media of the Facebook variety, this blog has its own Facebook page as well.

Ok.  Now we can get to the weekly recap:

If you’ve got snow, get out and slide around on it this weekend!


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