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Race Snapshots: Kuusamo 10/15km Freestyle

Use some caution interpreting these, due to the unusual race circumstances today.  These graphs apply only to today’s freestyle portion of the Kuusamo races, and each skier’s percent back (and hence their FIS points) can be influenced by the race tactics on the course, since we were dealing with a pursuit-style start and people were largely jockeying for position in the overall classification I think.

For example, skiers with no one near them (front or back) may have little incentive to push hard, so they’re results here may look bad.

This is a curious race format, since as far as I can tell FIS awarded WC points (and separate FIS points) for the results of just today’s freestyle portion, as well as the overall results of all three days.  (What the FIS points mean for the combined results, I’m not sure.  It includes a sprint qualifier!)  So technically, everyone ought to have had plenty of motivation to push hard regardless of their position on the course today, but human psychology is a funny thing.

Anyway, just wanted to warn you.

As usual, the (very large) full versions are below the fold, and you need to click on them for the full size.

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