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Race Snapshot: TdS Classic Sprint

Great day for North America, overall.  Fantastic races by Kershaw and Harvey and strong efforts by Freeman and Randall (for a classic sprint, not her specialty, certainly not Freeman’s).  Newell probably isn’t thrilled with his 12th place, given how much stumbling around it sounded like he did during the semis, but it’s not a terrible result for him.

On the international side, the men’s semis were dominated (in numbers, if not the results) by the Russians and Swedes.  Norway can’t be thrilled with that.  As usual, more diverse on the women’s side, with Majdic finally shaking off whatever was holding her back earlier in the season.  Also, Krista Lahteenmaki is quickly becoming an interesting skier to watch.  Will this be a one season hot streak, or will she be a superstar in a few years?


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