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Tour de Ski Rest Day Recap

I’m not going to provide much analysis here, just the graphs.  Feel free to pontificate in the comments.  First up is the overall Tour rank after each stage:

The two day pursuit created more chaos in the overall placings than I expected.  Somewhat more significant movement in the sprint in Stage 3 with the men, given the pure sprint specialists there.

The following two graphs split the men’s and women’s fields by nation (except for Andorra and Australia, for space reasons; sorry!).  Instead of rank, they display the seconds from the median skier after each stage.  They are somewhat large, so click through for the full versions:

Tour de Ski Men After Stage 4

Tour de Ski Women After Stage 4

Some things I learned from these graphs:

  • I didn’t realize how many skiers France had at the Tour, especially the men;
  • the Italian men have relatively few skiers off the back;
  • the Russian women aren’t having a great Tour so far;
  • the Germans…what can you say?

More graphs focusing on individual skiers to come…


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