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A Brief Summer Siesta

When I started this whole Statistical Skier thing a little over two years ago, I had a very minimal, but very strict, standard for how I wanted the site to run: I absolutely had to stick to my posting schedule. Even if that meant putting up a post that was little more than a cursory graph and no discussion, I had to stick to the schedule. We all know how blogs go, particularly in the XC world, don’t we? I didn’t much care if anyone was reading, it was just a challenge to myself to see if I could keep up that pace of writing.

I compromised slightly this summer by backing off to two posts a week instead of three. But I’ve still managed to stick to my schedule, racking up over 600 posts total.

But events have finally conspired against me. Basically, the combination of moving (back) to Missoula, starting a new job, and of course doing all that with an 8 month old is going to require that I take a brief pause for a week or two. I figure August is as good a time as any for me to fall off the wagon. Probably no one is reading this anyway…

Anyhoo, there probably won’t be anything new on the site for two weeks.

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