Race Snapshot: WSC Men’s Pursuit

Wow, what a crazy race! If the mass start events trend toward this kind of stuff, with lots of attacking, I think that’ll only be a good thing for the sport. As it was, the all that action may have turned the results a bit inside out from what people were expecting. I’ll have a more detailed look at the results (along with the women’s pursuit) tomorrow.

Even with all the attacking, lots of skiers ended up very close to the front, yielding them very low FIS points. Also, quite a few folks (15) were lapped and pulled from the race.

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6 Responses to “Race Snapshot: WSC Men’s Pursuit”
  1. Dolidovitch: What’s up with that? He’s practically Veerpaluean. His last WC podium was in 2009 at Rybinsk, and his last good result was fifth in the 50k at the Liberec Worlds. Plus he’s almost as old as I am.

    • Joran says:

      Deep breaths, Christopher, deep breaths! ;)

      First of all, the top 22 skiers today were all within 30 seconds. Dolidovich putting himself in the top 20-25 is hardly surprising, and then the remaining margin is partly a crapshoot in races like these depending on who happens to feel good (or bad) that day, who has good skis, etc.

      And he’s had other good races: he was 12th in Davos this season and was 7th in the pursuit last season at Rybinsk (which comes with a grain of salt, but still). I’m not saying it wasn’t an unusually good race for him, it clearly was. But I think a lot of better skiers had some bad luck today. If the Swedes had better skis, if Cologna hadn’t been tripped up in the final K’s, if Harvey’s legs hadn’t cramped, it’s entirely possible that Dolidovich would have been back in 9-10th.

      I’ll have more discussion of this, with graphs, tomorrow.

  2. Cliff says:

    Can’t really agree with your opinion of the race. Very low speed in most parts of the race, the only serious attack (Harvey) never looked dangerous. Richardsson tried in the classic part, but when his skies collapsed noone else picked up. This race had Northug written all over it from the start to finish.

    • Joran says:

      Well, I didn’t actually watch it (2:30am local time), so I was going mostly off the reports I’d read. Although a slow pace with a few attacks is better than a slow pace with no attacks at all, I suppose.


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