Race Snapshot: Canmore Pursuit

I know the name was changed (again?) to a skiathlon. I refuse to comply.

canmore_wom_pur canmore_men_pur

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2 Responses to “Race Snapshot: Canmore Pursuit”
  1. PAC says:


    Your analysis seems really nice but I think that you should add some lecture notes to make your graphics comprehensive to everybody. What’s the difference the first and the second part of the graph ? What is the differnece between dots and lines ? What do the grey dots and the black lines represents ?

    Thanks for your answer.


    • Joran says:

      When I started doing this, I was pretty hard-core about providing detailed explanations about every graph. I have, sadly, become a lot more busy with non-blog activities since then, which has made it difficult to do sometimes. (For instance, I’ve basically dropped biathlon entirely.)

      So a lot of this stuff I forget to explain, because I’ve been posting these graphs for 2.5 seasons now and at one point would explain them in detail every time, but after a while that feels really repetitive, at least to me, writing it.

      Obviously, I should post one explanation and simply link to it every time I do one of these race snapshots. Hopefully I’ll get to that tomorrow…

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