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Statistical Skier: 1, SVG: 0

Take that vector graphics animation! For an explanation, see my previous effort.

Reminder: This should work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But consider it experimental. Reloading the page should restart the animation. I confirmed that this won’t work in Firefox, and that the one SVG plugin for Firefox has been discontinued by Adobe (although apparently it relied on ActiveX, so maybe that’s a good thing). So Chrome, Safari and probably Opera are your only options.

Actually, this is a hack. The translational arithmetic that was being used by the code I grabbed was, well, opaque. Once I got it to push the actual names of the teams around, it became clear that all the translations were off by some mysterious, unknown scaling factor. Trial and error solved that problem pretty quick, but the solution is just based on eyeballing the graph, so this is certainly not exact.

I wonder what sort of skiing data I can animate…

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