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Animated WJC Results History

I had fun making those animated charts for World Cup points the other day, so I thought I’d try using the same charts to look at World Juniors. All I’ve done is tally up “World Cup” points for each nation and each year, scoring each (individual) race using the traditional WC point scale. Then I […]

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Animated WC Points Tracker

A little fun using the Google Charts API, R and my WC points spreadsheet. Both of these motion charts require Flash. It shows the progression of WC points for the top 30 athletes or so throughout this season. Distance points are on the x axis and sprint point are on the y axis. This does […]

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Tour de France Graphs: Fancy Versions

Here are the final, updated versions of the fancy, animated sprint and mountain points “graph” and the plot of riders who didn’t finish the Tour with mouse-over text added. Remember, Chrome, Safari or Opera are the best browsers to use for these.  I don’t think any of these work with Internet Explorer and the animated […]

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Statistical Skier: 1, SVG: 0

Take that vector graphics animation! For an explanation, see my previous effort. Reminder: This should work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But consider it experimental. Reloading the page should restart the animation. I confirmed that this won’t work in Firefox, and that the one SVG plugin for Firefox has been discontinued by Adobe (although apparently […]

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Stand Back! This Graph Is Alive!

This was just too cool for me not to put up on the site, even though I’m not completely happy with it. The data are fairly simple: add up the sprint and mountain points across all riders on a Tour de France team for each stage. So for each stage, each team gets the ordered […]

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