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Animated WJC Results History

I had fun making those animated charts for World Cup points the other day, so I thought I’d try using the same charts to look at World Juniors. All I’ve done is tally up “World Cup” points for each nation and each year, scoring each (individual) race using the traditional WC point scale. Then I divided each tally by the total number of such points awarded that year (since the number and type of races has changed over the years). So each point represents a single nation, with the x and y coordinates being the proportion of total “points” earned by that nation, that year.

As before, there’s really only a single data point for each nation for each year, but this Google chart API move the points smoothly between them. And they require Flash. Men first and the women below. Important: I’ve been noticing that the “Trails” option grinds the whole animation to a halt for me, so I’d recommend unchecking that option before you start playing around with these.

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