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Follow-Up On Devon Kershaw + World Cup Overall

A commenter on Monday’s post noted that there are some folks fairly close behind Kershaw in the WC overall, so he has more to worry about than just catching Petter Northug. In particular, Marcus Hellner is only 57 points back, while Alexander Legkov is fully 168 points back. Hellner is obviously the more immediate concern, […]

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Editorial: Ranking Lists – What Are They Good For?

After some thought, I feel compelled to expand a bit on my post regarding the US National Ranking List (NRL). Actually, my thoughts on the subject apply to points lists and athlete ranking in XC skiing more generally. Ranking athletes via some numerical system can be both fun and necessary. It’s fun for skiing fans […]

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Animated WJC Results History

I had fun making those animated charts for World Cup points the other day, so I thought I’d try using the same charts to look at World Juniors. All I’ve done is tally up “World Cup” points for each nation and each year, scoring each (individual) race using the traditional WC point scale. Then I […]

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Animated WC Points Tracker

A little fun using the Google Charts API, R and my WC points spreadsheet. Both of these motion charts require Flash. It shows the progression of WC points for the top 30 athletes or so throughout this season. Distance points are on the x axis and sprint point are on the y axis. This does […]

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