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Is Petter Northug Serious?

That’s an easy one: probably not. I’m referring, of course, to his recent pronouncements about the upcoming season, in which he claims that he will win 7 World Cups, the Tour de Ski overall title, as well as 3 golds at World Championships. Obviously, given Northug’s history I’m not inclined to take this too seriously. […]

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Follow-Up On Devon Kershaw + World Cup Overall

A commenter on Monday’s post noted that there are some folks fairly close behind Kershaw in the WC overall, so he has more to worry about than just catching Petter Northug. In particular, Marcus Hellner is only 57 points back, while Alexander Legkov is fully 168 points back. Hellner is obviously the more immediate concern, […]

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Can Devon Kershaw Overtake Petter Northug In The WC Overall?

That was the question in a comment I got the other day. So here’s the situation. Devon Kershaw currently has 953 WC points, Petter Northug has 1199. Northug is apparently going to skip the next two weekends of WC racing in order to prepare for the Vasaloppet. Could Kershaw catch and overtake Northug in that […]

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Back Burners: Northug, Hjelmeset & Saarinen

A couple of big names were doing some smaller FIS races this past weekend.  Petter Northug is trying to regain his form after a rough start to his season mixed with some illness, Aino-Kaisa Saarinen is recovering from a shoulder injury and Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset is trying to work his way onto the Norweigan squad for […]

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Head-To-Head: Petter Northug vs. Marcus Hellner

Apparently this is our modern rivalry on the men’s side of things.  I suppose the Norwegians and Swedes will always find something to torment each other over, so this one is as good as any.  Obviously, this story has many chapters left to be written, but let’s take a look at how things have progressed […]

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Did Petter Northug Have a Slight Edge On Marcus Hellner?

That’s what Marcus Hellner says, according to FasterSkier.  Let’s go to the numbers, shall we? These are all the times these two guys raced against each other last season (distance races, anyway).  Positive values indicate a victory for Hellner and vice versa.  You can see Northug’s strength in mass start races, and that Northug had […]

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Victims & Nemeses

This concept is shamelessly stolen from these guys (Thanks, Colin!) and is decidedly in the “less serious” end of the spectrum.  A potential victim is awarded one point every time you defeat them by fewer than ten seconds, two points if the race happens to be an Olympic or World Championship event.  The same goes for […]

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