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Dario Cologna’s Quietly Dominant Season

Cologna won the World Cup overall, but I always feel like he’s sort of in the background compared to other top skiing personalities. Doing well in the World Cup overall rewards not just speed, but showing up at tons of races and skiing fast. For instance, let’s check out his won/loss record versus the next […]

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Kershaw + Randall World Cup Point Updates

Let’s check in on where we’re at with Kikkan Randall and Devon Kershaw’s World Cup points situations. First, Kershaw: I finally figured out a decently efficient way to track WC points during a season, that requires only a minimal amount of data entry by hand. Cologna’s going to walk away with this one, obviously, but […]

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Can Devon Kershaw Overtake Petter Northug In The WC Overall?

That was the question in a comment I got the other day. So here’s the situation. Devon Kershaw currently has 953 WC points, Petter Northug has 1199. Northug is apparently going to skip the next two weekends of WC racing in order to prepare for the Vasaloppet. Could Kershaw catch and overtake Northug in that […]

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Can Kikkan Randall Win The Sprint WC Title?

With the slew of high profile retirements among female sprinters this year, American skiing fans have been quick to note that the two women ahead of Randall on the overall sprint WC podium this season won’t be returning next year. Clearly, this is an opportunity, but how significant an opportunity is it? Overall WC point […]

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WC Points Tracker

They aren’t what stat-heads like myself would choose to do “serious” stuff, but World Cup points are what makes the XC world go round.  FIS provides a few tools for looking up athlete’s WC points here and here.  They’re pretty decent, by their standards, allowing you to switch between Overall, Distance and Sprint points, filter […]

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