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WC Points Tracker

They aren’t what stat-heads like myself would choose to do “serious” stuff, but World Cup points are what makes the XC world go round.  FIS provides a few tools for looking up athlete’s WC points here and here.  They’re pretty decent, by their standards, allowing you to switch between Overall, Distance and Sprint points, filter by nation, season, etc.

That’s pretty cool, but we can do better.  You know those PDF reports that FIS issues after each race, tracking the WC points for each athlete and each race?  Yeah, putting that data in a PDF is like locking it away in a hermetically sealed chamber guarded by feral dragons on crack.  Less cool.

As a modest public service, I’m aiming to make this data more available.  Later today there will be a link over on the right that will take you to a Google spreadsheet that mimics the PDF reports that FIS publishes.  I have it set so that anyone with the link can view it and download it in various formats to put it in your own spreadsheet application of choice (or any other application if you prefer).  Then you can mess around with it on your own!

Here’s a simple visualization of the total WC points so far this season, showing only those athletes with at least 30 total WC points:


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