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Victims & Nemeses

This concept is shamelessly stolen from these guys (Thanks, Colin!) and is decidedly in the “less serious” end of the spectrum.  A potential victim is awarded one point every time you defeat them by fewer than ten seconds, two points if the race happens to be an Olympic or World Championship event.  The same goes for nemeses, only in reverse: these are people who’ve beaten you by fewer than ten seconds.  Below are lists containing the top victims and nemeses for Petter Northug for the 2009-2010 season.  As you can see, Northug doesn’t have much in the way of nemeses; he’s just too darn fast for that.  He does, however, enjoy punishing Germans, Axel Teichmann in particular:

[table id = 17]

[table id = 18]

Obviously, I can calculate this for anyone I choose.  At some point it would be nice to link my database to a webform on the blog that would allow readers to look this stuff up on their own, but that’s a big project.  Perhaps down the road…for the time being, you’ll have to be content with me periodically posting the victims and nemeses are particular skiers from time to time.

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