Race Snapshot: WBC Women’s 15km

Looks like shooting was a big factor today in Helena Ekholm just crushing the field. She shot clean, and it looks like a lot of others had a few misses. This is one of those races where percent behind the leader is rather misleading. For instance, Sara Studebaker probably had a very good race in 17th, but relative to Ekholm she’s quite a ways back.

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2 Responses to “Race Snapshot: WBC Women’s 15km”
  1. Cliff says:

    Crazy race, with very strong winds coming and going on the shooting range. Very impressive to hit all 20 under those conditions. I guess you noticed that Ekholm was the only one in the field with 20 hits, and Skardino was the only one with 19.

    One thing that was discussed by the commentators during today’s race was that the shooting level overall has increased during the last ten years (I think they were only referring to women, but I’m not sure). It would be interesting to see if the statistics confirm that.

    • Joran says:

      I”d have to check, and I will, but that sounds right, about the women’s shooting. I’d have to go back and do some reading about biathlon, but my impression is that women’s biathlon is “younger” than women’s XC, so it makes sense for the women’s field to have been making steady improvements more recently.

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