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New Season Rankings Page

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed some minor changes on the site recently. One of the first things I did when putting this site together was to make a whole set of “season ranking” graphs. As I explained in this post (which is still one of my favorites), the purpose of these graphs wasn’t so much to rank skiers as it was to provide insight into variability. Saying that someone is a ~50 FIS point skier is informative, but omits the important fact that the skier’s results will vary around that level to some (potentially large) degree.

Hence, a ranking graph but with error bars.

My original presentation of those graphs was, as web site design goes, pretty embarrassingly crude. My modest web skills have improved slightly, to the point where I can actually make them all accessible on a single page via a form and a little simple JavaScript. So now there’s just the single tab along the top of the site, rather than all those nested menus. It’s a work in progress, so please forgive the ugly formatting of the form. It will improve. And if you have problems viewing it, let me know. If you’ve visited the site in the last few days using Chrome, it might not work properly unless you clear your cache.

This is just one of numerous content and format related changes I’m working on during the ‘off-season’. For instance, you may also have noticed the mysterious additions down at the bottom of the right side-bar. While the season ranking graphs are nominally intended for ‘serious’ statistical ends, these other bits are decidedly more in the ‘fun’ category. I’ll have more to say about them towards the end of the offseason…

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