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Development Patterns In Detail

As promised from last time, I’m going to show you the un-aggregated data from Tuesday’s plots. This means we’re going to have some big graphs, bigger than I typically think is useful, but no matter.

I’ve plotted FIS points versus age for each of the male and female skiers with a podium result in a major international competition, and indicated the age at which each skier attained their first WC start, their first points and their first podium. If you only see two (or fewer) vertical lines, that means that some of those events happened at basically the same age. (Keep in mind that my age data is only at the resolution of a whole year.)

First the men’s distance podium skiers (these are big; click through for full versions):

And the women’s distance version of the same thing:

I won’t offer much commentary, except that it’s interesting to browse through these graphs and notice the variety of different paths different skiers take. I’ll have the sprint versions on Tuesday.


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