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Tour de France Bump Plot: Stage 12

First off, many thanks to Cosmo for the shout out on Twitter.  My traffic today will be much larger than usual.  Updated charts after today’s stage (and some new stuff too) below the fold…

Here’s the updated bumps plot for the GC standings after Stage 12 today:

The yellow jersey is unchanged (Andy Schleck) but the green jersey for sprinting went back to Thor Hushovd and the polka-dot jersey (red dashed line) for climbing switched to Anthony Charteau (whose name is pleasantly free of non-English characters).

As an added treat, here’s another bumps plot.  But this time, I’ve shown the average speed in kilometers per hour for each rider and each stage:

You can easily see here the stages where everyone finishes together (i.e. Stage 1) versus a stage with a lot of variation in speeds (i.e. Stages 8/9 or the Prologue).  Also, note the group of faster riders in Stage 10, on a particularly slow day.  Look at the big speed gap from Stage 8 that split the peloton roughly in half.  Obviously, the yellow line is Andy Schleck, currently yellow jersey holder.


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