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Giro d’Italia: Those Who Didn’t Make It

I’m continuing to play with creating simple, annotated scalable vector graphics (SVGs) with this cycling data, as practice. It also gives me an excuse to look back at this years Giro. In this addition, we’re plotting the races of those riders who didn’t quite make it to the finish line.

First plotted by general classification rank:

As before, if you leave your mouse over the dots you should see the rider’s name, nationality and team appear. The only browser I’m unsure of this working in is Internet Explorer. And really, if you’re still using IE (and you’re not being forced to use it at work) you should really check out your other options. The grass truly is greener, trust me.

Here’s the other version plotting time (in minutes) from the peloton, where we’ve defined the peloton to be the median rider at each stage. Negative values indicated that you are ahead of the median rider and vice versa:


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