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Vuelta a España: Bump Charts

As promised from long ago, we have the General Classification bumps plots for the first nine stages of the Vuelta a España. Both versions, all together and split by team are below the fold.

Don’t worry, more skiing content is in the works for the rest of this week…

And here’s the version split by team. I’ve ordered the teams by their overall rank in the team classification (click through for full version):

I think I’ve gotten the jersey colors correct: red for the overall GC leader, green for the points (sprint) leader and blue/white for the mountain points (climbing) leader. The breakdown for the stages into Flat, Mixed, etc. I took from here and I apologize for the business of the color scheme for the stages. I keep thinking I’ll come up with some better system for that, but I’ve just been too busy to tinker with it.

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