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Jenny Olsson



Unfortunately, we have a distinct theme for this week’s posts. Jenny Olsson also passed away recently, apparently from breast cancer. She raced, quite successfully, for Sweden for much of the mid-00’s:

These are just her WC level distance results (she didn’t sprint much). As you can see, 2002-2003 was her best effort, but it’s not clear to me that it was part of any particular trend, up or down. She finally got sick and stopped racing in 2005.

But for that one season, she was by far Sweden’s best female skier:


Name Median Result # of Races
OLSSON Jenny -1.0595 15
EK Elin -0.6265 13
OLSSON Anna -0.0368 3
HANDLER Mariana 0.0473 8
ANDERSSON Lina 0.2072 5

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