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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Hill Climb

You can read a brief explanation of these graphs here.

One further note: these are based on the results for just today’s stage. Not the times reported on the FIS website (which are silly and meaningless), and not the times for just the hill climb portion of the course (which is interesting, but was sort of a pain to extract). The times reported by FIS are the “race clock times”. Each racer’s time includes the amount of time they stood around waiting to start after Kowalczyk or Cologna started. Once again, FIS manages to make the simple far too complicated and the result is gibberish. There is no universe in which the times reported by FIS reflect anything remotely resembling performance.

There are only ever two times that are needed: the time it takes to cover the kilometers skied just that day and the cumulative time for all stages. The only possible exception to this is the actual hill climb segment of the final stage, which really should be considered a split time, even though FIS rather arbitrarily decided to award World Cup points based on it but excluding the several flat kilometers leading up to the climb. Simple, right? I don’t care what crazy race format you invent for the amusement of spectators; those are the only times that should be reported next to athlete’s names.

Anyway, the men’s “race”:

Tds men climb

And the women’s “race”:

Tds wom climb

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